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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Magnetic Crack Detectors, Crack Detectors, Crack Detection Systems, Magnetic Particle Testing Machines, Portable Type Crack Detectors, Mobile Type Crack Detectors, Coil Type Crack Detectors, Yoke Type Crack Detectors, Universal Type Crack Detectors, Special Purpose Machines, Demagnetisers, Demagnetizers, Bar Testing Machines, Inline Crack Detection / Inline Crack Detection Systems, NDT Equipments, Non-Destructive Equipments, Crack Detector Accessories / Magnetic Particle Crack Detector Accessories, Oil Based Powders, Water Based Powders, UV Lighting Systems, Centrifuge Glass Tubes, Ketos Ring With Copper, Residual Fuel Indicators, Pie Gauges, MTU Test Blocks from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We Serve Worldwide, But Majorly We Target Customers From South Africa and European Countries.


Mayuresh Engineers.

Mr. Jagtap has founded this company in 1998, who is having 30 years of experience in Magnetic Particle Testing Machines manufacturing, designing with knowledge of all types of non destructive testing method.
MAYURESH ENGINEERS & FABRICATORS working for a safer world by manufacturing & installing MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING MACHINE in large scale and small scale industries with good quality and reasonable price as per their requirement i.e. Fully automatic or Semi automatic machines.
In Forging, Automobile, Aeronautical parts industry this machine is useful to detect cracks which are expanded during process & use which create break-down or accident also.
  • Within 3 years, MAYURESH ENGINEERS became an ISO certified company.
  • More than 40 Employees in Accounts, Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrication Department, etc.
  • Facilities : Hacksaw M/c, Lathe M/c, Milling M/c, Bending M/c, Drilling M/c, Compressor, Welding M/c and all required tools.
  • In 20 years, MAYURESH ENGINEERS installed more than 1000 models all over India.